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Ode to Harvest  21st March 2019

There is something beautiful about harvest. Something beautiful about the men and women who knuckle under and do whatever is necessary to get the grapes... Read more

Sparkling Delights  14th April 2016

Thanks to my marrying a generous man I have had the pleasure of drinking some of the best French champagnes and it is a taste I have eagerly developed... Read more

Hairy Coos!  2nd March 2014

Prior to being a viticulturist I spent much of my time touring Scotland as an opera singer. After a few years of trying I finally persuaded my sun loving... Read more

What Grape is That?  23rd August 2013

In the early days of South Australian winemaking a grower planted a collection of the Semillon Madeira clone in the Barossa Valley sometime in the 1930s... Read more